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This is a Shadow Work Class. The Shadow forms when we deem certain parts of ourself as unacceptable or unloveable. When this happens, we fragment these unacceptable parts of Self off to isolation somewhere in the subconscious mind, where they continue to live & operate from until we call them home. This fragmentation usually starts to occur unknowingly in the primary developmental years of early childhood as a creative way to get our connection needs met with the primary caregivers & important individuals around us &/or in the face of trauma; it's innocent, but also a form of self betrayal & can lead to confusion & unmanageability later on in life when it is up to us to take care of ourselves. Once we begin to do the work to pull these fragmented parts out from beneath the Shadow, we can name them, begin to hold space & consciously work with them. The benefits of this work can include, but are certainly not limited to, improved connection to the Authentic Self, increased sense of wholeness, improved connection in relationships, increased presence, heart coherence, enhanced creativity, improved emotional intelligence, enhanced intuition, self understanding, self trust & benefits to physical/mental/emotional health, improved physical energy levels & overall wellbeing.  


In this class you can expect to learn: 

        + What the Shadow is & how it forms

        + Practices to support doing Shadow Work

        + The transition from Shadow Work to Inner Child Work/Soul Retrieval Work to support Self/Ego Integration


This class includes a video recording to assist & educate you in the Shadow Work experience. 


A great class in addition to this one is my Soul Retrieval class, which can also be found in my shop on this website. 


If you have any other curiosities or questions about this class, please email me at & I'd be happy to chat with you.

Shadow Work Class

  • After purchase, you will receive an e-mail from me with link to the class for your keeping & to move through at your own pace. All sales are final once purchase is made for this class, no returns or refunds. 

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