This service includes coaching sessions tailored to an individual's goals to support their personal, professional and/or spiritual development in the awakening process. Soul Feather Coaching is for individuals who are emotionally and psychologically stable. This offering is meant to empower, challenge, uplift, and support client psychologically. However, coaching is not psychotherapy nor is it being offered as a substitute for mental health care. Coaching sessions are offered remotely as well as in person, structured to the desires of the individual. It consists of hour long sessions and the frequency of sessions is determined by the individual. 


Coaching sessions will include teachings on (but are not limited to):


intuitive self care

stress reduction

taking care of the body

emotional intelligence skils building

working with spiritual technology & modalities 

support with relationships (family, friends, romantic)

boundary & communication skills building 

inner child healing work 

mindfulness and presence skills building 

unlearning unsupportive belief systems

shadow work



divination tools


relaxation techniques

energy work





breath work

crystal work

creative visualization/imagery

building your spirit team

chakra system

energy work

moon/seasonal cycles & rituals


You can e-mail to connect and schedule a free consultation phone call to see if this service will match your needs. To book this service, you can purchase through the store tab listed on this site

Soul Feather Coaching

  • Amanda will reach out via phone or email to schedule once the service has been purchased.