Amanda has created a series of classes that are spiritual in nature and designed to assist you in Attuning to the Inner Voice. This service is for those who may not want to commit to her Coaching Sessions, but would still like to engage in learning some of the teachings that Amanda has to offer. Each class will be focused on a particular topic of your choosing and will provide you with information on the topic and how to implement it into your personal life. In each class, you can expect to walk away with more tools to enhance your intuitive abilities, connect you to you, and manage your personal energy to support you in the day to day flow.


Classes will be one-on-one in live digital format and will be recorded; you will be provided with a link to the class, via email, that will be sent afterwards for review whenever you'd like. Expect these classes to run from about one to two hours each session.


Some of the topics you can expect learning on include, but are not limited to:


energy hygiene

intuitive self care

stress reduction

emotional intelligence

inner child healing

shadow work





relaxation techniques

thought work

energy work


dream work





crystal work

creative visualization

chakra system

building your spirit team

moon/season cycles & rituals


You can e-mail to connect and collect more information about this offering.

Soul Feather Mystery School Classes