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Suggested Prep Work for this Class: My Shadow Work Class, which can be accessed on this website in the Shop.


Disclaimer: When it comes to doing this type of work, or any self care or introspective practices for that matter, it is important to have a support system in place - be it a trauma informed therapist, coach or healer, a group of friends, community, support group, or family members that you feel safe to authentically lean into, process & share your experiences with. This Soul Retrieval Class is not therapy or to be substituted as a form of therapy or mental health care. It is an educational & introspective piece to provide you with information & self care tools designed to support you on your personal journey. It is possible that this class may bring up intense emotions, thoughts &/or triggers. If that’s the case, then I strongly suggest that you set aside time to communicate & lean into your support system before & after the class. It might even be supportive for you to bring the guided Soul Retrieval meditation portion of this class in to your next therapy/coaching session or have a spiritual running buddy there with you to hold space during your process. I empower you to check in with Self & tend t