Welcome to another one of my Mystery School Classes. These classes are focused on specific topics and practices to support you in attuning to the inner voice. 


Chakra System & Beyond:

I’ve had a practice of working with the chakra system for several years. I was first introduced to them in yoga in 2010 and since then, the learning and implemeting of this intuitive and energetic system has continued to unfold and evolve for me. Getting to know your chakras is a great way to practice self care, get to know and monitor your own personal energy and enhance intuitive skills. In this class, I will provide you with information on, but not limited to:

-the seven basic chakras, plus the earth star and stellar gateway chakras

-how to integrate specific chakra affirmations & decrees for embodiment & support

-how to bring in assistance from crystals and your spirit team to support the chakras 

-a guided meditation to guide you through using your intuitive senses to connect, collect information and support your chakra system

Working with the Chakra System & Beyond Class

  • After purchase, you will receive an e-mail from me with link to the class for your keeping to watch at your own pace. All sales are final once purchase is made for this class, no returns or refunds. 


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