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1-on-1 Ceremony of Healing Intensive

Initiate. Accelerate. Free.

  • 9 hr
  • 1,425 US dollars
  • Palm Beach Gardens

Service Description

This is an immersive, one day Ceremony of Healing Intensive that allows the individual to dive in fully, accelerate healing & turn pain into a power source. The $1425.00 price includes 9 hours total. The first hour ($175.00) is dedicated to a session upfront, digitally or in person, for Amanda to meet with client to connect, determine compatibility, assess for appropriateness, review consent to treat, & to identify targets & intentions together. The remaining 8 hours ($1250.00) is for the 10a-6p intensive which will include 2 hours of Preparation, a 45 minute lunch break, 4 hours of processing with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) with short breaks, & 1 hour of Integration. Amanda infuses Meditation/Guided Imagery & Sound Healing into this experience, as well. What is EMDR? An evidenced based, structured type of therapy that can address past experiences, current triggers & anticipated future challenges. The client focuses on the experiences associated with the past memories & current triggers, while experiencing bilateral stimulation. Our brains are intrinsically wired to heal, especially with proper support. The bilateral stimulation used during Desensitization in EMDR supports the brain in accessing the information that it needs to adapt, rewire & heal. Benefits of an Intensive: + Accelerated progress in a shorter amount of time (compared to individual therapy sessions). + Extended focus with processing & minimized distractions all in one sitting. + An opportunity for deeper exploration & processing that can bring about sustainable relief. Other Important Information: + Healing Intensives are offered on Saturdays. You will pick your day with Amanda. It is strongly suggested that you allow Sunday to be a day for rest, relaxation, & self care. + Amanda will be providing lunch, beverages, & snacks on the day of the intensive. + Please wear clothing that allows you to feel really comfortable in your body. + Amanda typically uses candles, flowers, incense, palo santo &/or sage as part of intention setting & creating the sacred space for these ceremonial intensives. If you are sensitive to smokey environments or such scents, please take this into consideration before registering or communicate with Amanda directly & accommodations might be able to be made.

Contact Details

  • Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA

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