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Through a combination of education, training, and personal experience, that's rooted in a heart centered and holistic approach, I offer guidance with Attuning to the Inner Voice to Free the Authentic Self.  

about me

Amanda is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the states of Florida & Utah, & she specializes in recovery from addiction behaviors (CAP), complex post traumatic stress, complex grief & loss, anxiety, depression, self esteem issues, balance during life transitions & conscious relationship work. Her approach to therapy is individualized, trauma informed, & holistic in nature, with a strong focus on the mind-body-spirit connection. She aims to provide a safe, compassionate space for individuals to slow down & get curious about what's going on in the inside of them.

In addition, Amanda is a trauma informed spiritual development coach that teaches from the perspectives of mindfulness, holistic well-being & her personal life experiences to support her clients in creating sustainable inner peace. She is certified under Gabrielle Bernstein's Level 1 Spirit Junkie Masterclass training. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher & holds a Usui Reiki Level Two Certification of Attunement. She also completed a year long mentorship with priestess, therapist, & spiritual coach, Rasia Pouncie, in May 2020. 


Amanda was put on her spiritual path fifteen years ago with her recovery from drug addiction that was the catalyst to her spiritual awakening. Throughout the years, she has developed spiritually through her commitment to ongoing intensive transformation & self study with the support of a variety of modalities. Her intuitive abilities have been enhanced in her work with prayer, meditation, energy work, trauma healing, divination, crystals, the chakra system, deity work, yoga/body work/somatic experiencing, astrology, & metaphysical concepts & practices that are intuitive in nature



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